Replica Rolex's rarest collection

Reference number 6543 will soon be updated as a reference number. 6541, introduced in 1957, added the distinctive lightning-shaped central seconds hand and made some minor improvements. There are at least two different case models for ref. 6541 - there is a standard version with the same rotating bezel as ref. 6541. 6543, and later there was a version said to be made for the US market, with a smooth matte steel bezel. Both luminous and non-luminous dials are available; the non-luminous dials are called "CERN" because it is believed that these dials were specially ordered by scientists to be free of radium and to be used near radiation-sensitive equipment.

The first two Milgauss models are believed to have produced a total of fewer than 200 pieces over a four-year period (1956 to 1960), making them the rarest series ever produced by Rolex replica watches.

Early Milgauss versions were indeed stock replica watches at the time. Reference version. The smooth bezel 6541 was the result of an attempt by Rolex to sell out after the original rotating bezel version failed to come to market. Reference Number 6541 was also commonly given to the winner of several NASCAR races until the mid-1960s. File photo of riders Pedro Rodriguez, Lloyd Ruby and Ken Miles receiving the Milgauss ref version. 6541 after winning the Daytona Continental Race in 1963 (Rodriguez) and 1965 (Ruby; Miles).

Several other NASCAR drivers, including Richard Petty, Bobby Allison and Edward "Fireball" Roberts, also have Milgauss referees. 6541. It must be emphasized that Milgauss ref. 6543 and 6541 are extremely rare watches due to their short production time. Thatí»s why, from around 2000 until now, prices for this version of the watch have stabilized in the six-figure range. There are even auction records showing some version of the referee. In 2006, a 6541 sold for close to CHF 200,000.

Second Generation Milgauss, Ref. 1019, which appeared in 1960, shortly after the referee. 6541 has been discontinued. The style is quite different from the original Milgauss. This version adapts the more "gentle" Rolex style, traditional and simple. The new Milgauss 1019 features a 38mm stainless steel case, polished steel bezel and transparent matte dial in black or silver, with the Milgauss name capitalized in fiery red below the Rolex lettering at 12 o'clock.

Of course, the Milgauss' anti-magnetic properties are preserved through the use of young iron replica uhren cages on the inside. Reference 1019 was produced until 1988, a run of 28 years, the longest run in Milgauss history. During this time, there have been many variations of the dial and hands, including the non-luminous "CERN" dial, always paired with a silver dial option.